Working with pilgrims is very important for us. We are very sincere and honest in our work.

As a Christian travel agency ,we believe that we are your true address for your needs in the Holy Land.

We are always willing to sacrifice ourselves just for one purpose: to give the 100% services and to let our groups feel satisfied and happy.

We look for best quality and avoid the materialistic things, because we need our pilgrims to achieve their very important goal of visiting the holy land and to let the dream to come true.

Tiberias: 40 C
Nazareth: 36 C
Tel Aviv: 37 C
Jerusalem: 36 C
Eilat.: 44 C
1 USD 3.852 Shekel:
1 EUR 4.3169 Shekel :
1 GBP 5.977 Shekel :
100 YEN 3.2073 Shekel :
Holy Land Dream Is Your Best Consultant For The Holy Land