Please check our services:

1. Deluxe coach (bus).

2. Hotels according to your group budget.

3. Entrance fees.

4. Boat Sailing on the Sea of Galilee including a lunch of St. Peter fish in one of the best restaurants

   in the area.

5. Taxi for Mt. Tabor.

6. Skilled fluent guides (all the languages).

7. Special festive evenings according to your requests.

8.  Reserving masses or special prayers at the holy shrines for groups coming with

     Priest / Minister / Pastor etc.

9. Providing musical instruments like guitar or violin which can affect our pilgrims

    emotionally during their visit to the holy sites and churches.

10. Special map for each pilgrim with all the holy places in the holy land.

11. A pilgrim certificate for each visitor.

12. An Appreciation certificate signed by the Israeli minister of tourism.

13. A Special souvenir gift for each pilgrim.

14. Renewing the marriage vows in Cana of Galilee. For couples who have

      anniversaries we provide a special cake

15. Special religious occasions & cermonies (Marriages , Baptism etc.)

16. Honey mooners itineraries.

17. Egypt, Israel & Jordan adventure.

18. Cruises ships reservation.

19. Hotels in Israel & rest of the world / very cheap prices for idividuals.

20. Special flight rate for groups of pilgrims coming from all the world (pre-paid tickets).

Tiberias: 40 C
Nazareth: 36 C
Tel Aviv: 37 C
Jerusalem: 36 C
Eilat.: 44 C
1 USD 3.852 Shekel:
1 EUR 4.3169 Shekel :
1 GBP 5.977 Shekel :
100 YEN 3.2073 Shekel :
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